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Search Engine Optimisation

Different search engines work in different ways, and now everything from the content of your web pages to the number of sites that link to yours, and many, many other factors all come into play. It's not an exact science, but it is a skill that requires constant attention and we follow the ranking algorithms* continuously to ensure that we're aware of which factors will give your site the best chance at a high ranking.

The top five organic results on Search Engine results Pages get 75% of the clicks!

A website needs regular attention to ensure that search engine rankings are both gained and maintained, otherwise your competitor may get the jump on you. If your site hasn't had any Search Engine Optimisation done, you could be missing out on potential new clients and the opportunity to grow your business.

If it has been done in the past, consider having it done again as the factors that made it appear six, or even three, months ago will be different now. Remember, its not just the search engines that change, but the websites and activity of your competitors.

What will you do?

There are so many factors involved in your website's ranking that we can't begin to cover them here. They involve the content of the site, as well as the structure, the naming of images, the frequency of updates, navigation systems, site loading time and more. As well as factors directly related to the website, there are off-site factors as well, including the number of sites that link to yours, and even the quality of those sites.

In addition to factors that will increase your rankings, there are reasons why a search engine will 'penalise' your site and drop it down the rankings. Time needs to be also given to those factors which may decrease your ranking, ensuring that your site performs as well as it can.

Can I do this myself?

You can, as long as you know how to get into the structure of your site, and are prepared to spend the time to understand the many criteria and to apply these to your site. You may find that economically it makes sense to have someone else do this who is involved in SEO on a daily basis, and can quickly implement any changes necessary to the website to affect those rankings.

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*Algorithms are the equations that search engines use to determine which websites should be ranked higher than others, or deemed more important for the keywords that you enter in a search.

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