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Online Marketing methods

There are lots of ways that you can capitalise on increased traffic to your websites, but the methods that work best for you will depend on your audience, your current offline marketing, your time availability and your budget. You can be sure that your needs will differ to that of others, which is why we wouldn't make recommendations for you without a full discovery of what you'd like to achieve.

Search Engine Optimisation Online Business Directories Online Advertising Social Media Networking Reporting Analysis

Search Engine Optimisation

Different search engines work in different ways, and now everything from the content of your web pages to the number of sites that link to yours, and many, many other factors all come into play. It's not an exact science, but it is a skill that requires constant attention and we follow the ranking algorithms continuously to ensure that we're aware of which factors will give your site the best chance at a high ranking.

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Online Business Directories

There are lots of places other than search engines where your business can appear on the internet, and every one of these should have correct and consistent information about your business. We can take care of your business listings on Yellow, Finda, Google Local Business/Google Places, Hot Frog, Companies Office and many other directory-based websites.

The more information that's out there about your business, the better - but if the information is out-of-date or inconsistent, this could very well work against you. Make sure you prioritise your online listings as highly as you would any other marketing. You wouldn't re-run an old press advertisement if it had the wrong location, opening hours or logo, so don't keep bad information out there online.

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Google Adwords, Facebook ads and search engine marketing

Online Advertising

Getting traffic to your website isn't always free, and if you're going to pay for your traffic you need to make sure your money is well spent. There is little point to paying for traffic that bounces (leaves your website) from the first page, indicating that you're really not what they're looking for. We can set up your AdWords and/or Facebook Ads account and then maintain the account to make sure you're getting the best results for your budget.

You may be suprised at just how affordable this method can be for getting traffic to your website. Just make sure your website gives them what they need when they get there!

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Social Media Networking

It seems the whole world is going social these days, and there's a lot of hype. However, like any massive trend, its not without good cause because social media can work for your business and provide marketing opportunities that were almost impossible to achieve using traditional methods. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+ all require attention by even the smallest business.

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Reporting Analysis

Whether you have Google Analytics set up for your account, or use another software package to analyse your website traffic, statistics can be daunting. We can regularly schedule a reporting summary - in plain english - so you know exactly what your website is doing, and see how it reacted to other marketing activities both online and offline.

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