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Internet Services

We'll take care of all the technicalities as well. At Cohesion, we've been providing internet services such as domain registrations, email and hosting services for over fifteen years. We know exactly what we're doing so you can operate with assurance that your services won't drop out and affect your operations.


Domain Name Registrations

Whether it's a .nz domain, a .com or even a .sw, we can register and park your domain name. Every domain name gets free parking for the period of their registration, which can be from six months to ten years. And we'll give you domain-wide email forwarding for FREE during that term also.

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Email and SPAM Protection

Whether it's mail forwarding from your domain or individual accounts, we have your email options covered at competitive rates, with spam protection built in for free.

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Website Hosting

Your website needs to be hosted to make it available to the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will make sure your website is 'open for business', backed up and secure while you worry about your business.

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