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Data Services

The way you manage your data is key to saving time and resources in your business. Ultimately the proper management of your data will increase your profits and improve your customer service.

Data Massage

Massaging data is all about turning the inconsistent entries of multiple people into meaningful, standardised data that can be used more efficiently. Whether that data is in a website, database, spreadsheet or other software, data can be a more valuable commodity if its format allows for it. Your staff have better things to do than spending hours tidying data when we can do that for you in a much faster way. Ask us how.

Data Mining

What's the difference? Data mining is about extracting useful and meaningful data for specific purposes. Perhaps you want to send a direct mail piece to your customers who haven't purchased in the past year. Maybe you need to find out what products a certain type of customer most often purchases. Data mining compiles data from existing data sources for all sorts of reasons, but its usually to answer a question asked to achieve an objective - in any area of your business.
If you watch "Numbers" on TV, you'll know what we're talking about.

Decent Intranet Systems

Whether it's your customers, inventory, workflow, time management or suppliers, having decent systems saves you in more ways than you can imagine. Something as simple as a proper workflow system can not only prevent losses from poor job management, but can help with staff retention as communication and procedures are streamlined.

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