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Content Management Software

FREE Content Management for your Existing Website

Bring your site to Cohesion, and we'll integrate it with our Content Management Software for FREE!

Simply tell us the address of your website and we'll take a look at what will be involved*. Then, we'll move it across to our servers and integrate it with our CMS so that you'll have full management of your website, meaning you can add, change and delete pages without having to come to us each time. Of course, if you need our help we're always pleased to assist.

We'll also provide you with one hours training, on-site at your own premises on your computer - since that's the one you're most familiar with. If you need help beyond this, our helpdesk is always open during business hours.

A 24-month hosting term will apply, and as the CMS is used under licence we'll retain the ownership of that aspect of your website. We'll be happy to explain the full details to you so contact us today and get started with your new CMS.

Ask us today about how Content Management Software can benefit your business

*Some websites which comprise database-driven information or server-side programming may not be able to be moved for free. If this is the case, we will let you know what would be involved in moving your site to Cohesion after a discussion with you about your objectives.

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