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Kale Print

Making you look good on paper!

Pullman Auckland

Hotels and Resorts

Macquarie Training

Your Industry Partner

Add an Avocado

Avocado Industry Council

North Harbour

Driving Excellence

Village Radio

local radio on 1368AM

Already a very well known business in the Bay of Plenty, Kale Print needed a refresh of their current website to bring it into line with the high level of quality that Kale Print are reknowned for.

Integrating with their online ordering was essential!

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The Pullman Auckland is a positive departure from the usual formula in hotel accommodation, the hotel's sleek interiors emit a warm and friendly vibe, creating an intimate atmosphere.

Our Client wanted a website that showcased who they were and what wonderful services are offered. With fantastic imagery and well organised information, the Pullman Auckland website is your personal invitation to join them for your next stay in Auckland.

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Macquarie Training Ltd is a multi-award winning NZQA registered and accredited training provider.

Their new website promotes an extensive range of courses and in-house training, whilst providing resources, calendar and enrolment facilities.

The New Zealand Avocado Industry Council Ltd have been clients of Cohesion since early 2007. A wide range of services have been provided ranging from website development projects, database integration, and growers industry resource modules.

Their consumer website which launched April 2012, and the new Industry website launched February 2013.

North Harbour Ford is one of New Zealand's largest suppliers of Ford, FPV & Mazda vehicles. They pride themselves on fast, easy & competitive finance packages and most importantly want their customers to always "Buy with Confidence."

Our client wanted a website that showcased the exceptional service and professionalism customers can expect at North Harbour. The client also wanted their website to be a resource of organised up to date information readily available for customer review.

Since we host not-for-profit websites for free, it made sense for Village Radio to come to us for a fully content managed website.

Village Radio can now communicate with their audience in more ways than just on air. The website uses Cohesion LiteSite, with news modules, mailout and registration to enable visitors to join the Friends of Village Radio.

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Our Process
How working with cohesion makes your life easier
Smooth process = happy clients

It's [date %Y], which means that our clients now come with many levels of experience. Some have never done a website, some are on their third or fourth website. Some have had a poor experience with another developer, whilst some have never dealt with a web design company before.

Whatever stage you're at, we'll take you through the same process as outlined here so you'll be supported at every step. Follow the icons above.

Proceed to Consult
Consultation Process
Working with you to achieve your objectives
We begin with listening to you.

The first part of any development is spending time listening to exactly what you're after. We want to know what you think you need, why you want it, what you hope it will achieve, how you think it should look. We also want to know how much time you'll have to manage your website, how computer literate you are, and how you plan to incorporate your website or app into your marketing plans.

Then, we'll come back to you with a proposal that takes all of the above into account, along with suggestions to make your life easier.

The consultation process will continue throughout the development phase, with regular updates and a timeline to outline expectations.

Proceed to Design
Design Process
Form and function work hand in hand
Creating your professional image

Once you've given us the go ahead, we'll begin with the design using the cues you've provided to us. We'll ask you to tell us other sites and brands that you like - whether related or not - so we know which direction to head in. Your current marketing material will also provide valuable guidance so we'll ask you to provide as much of that to us as possible.

Alternatively, you can allow us to take the lead and recommend a branding strategy and design thematic (look and feel) that we believe will help you best achieve your objectives.

Proceed to Engineer
Engineering Process
Form and function work hand in hand
Building in the functionality

When the design is signed off, we'll begin the construction phase of the website or application, where we assemble and programme the functionality you require. This includes integrating the site with our Content Management Software, and building any database-driven modules that may be required for your website management.

After this is completed, we test the site and allow you in to add your content (copy, photos and downloads). We'll schedule training at this point as well, so you're comfortable with the CMS and entering products, photos, or member information.

Proceed to Manage
Management Process
content management doesn't need to be difficult
Manage your Website content easily

All of our websites are built within our Content Management Software which allows you to manage your website with a user-friendly interface. We know that a lot of our clients can be anxious about this phase, so we've been careful to provide a CMS that is as easy to use as possible. We've had great feedback that it achieves just that.

If you'd rather not manage the site yourself, you can leave that to us as well. It's your choice.

Proceed to Drive
Drive Icons
Methods to help your website work best for your business
Drive Traffic to Your Website

When your website is live, you need to give thought to how people will find your website and how your website can best be utilised to maximise the potential of your website, and your business. We can provide recommendations based on your unique situation - business size, competition, industry, location and other criteria.

We can assist with search engine optimisation, online business directory listings, Google Adwords and other PPC (pay per click) campaigns, and social media networking.

In addition, we can help formulate strategies offline to drive traffic to your website as well - or in conjunction with traditional marketing methods.

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