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Supply of Artwork and Image Files

Transporting Files

  • E-MAIL direct to the Production Studio for file sizes less than 15Mb [unless you have a fast connection at your end].
  •,, Dropbox or similar websites providing file transfer services are encouraged for files greater than 15Mb.
  • FTP Send a request to the Production Studio to have a directory setup for you and be allocated a username and password for this.
  • CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive can be couriered or delivered if alternative digital methods aren't available to you.

Current Software Versions

  • Adobe InDesign CS6 & CS4
  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 & CS4
  • Adobe PhotoShop CS6 & CS4
  • Microsoft Office 2011 (Word/Excel - Do not supply Powerpoint)

If unable to supply as one of the above, please call to discuss other options. Most other spreadsheet or word processing files can be opened from within one of the above applications. MS Publisher documents cannot be utilised in any way other than the text content alone.

Graphic Houses and Agencies

If providing artwork from print, please DO NOT reduce the resolution of images without consulting us. Colour and image quality lost during incorrect reduction of images does not benefit your client and WILL impact on the quality of the finished job.

Photos should be provided as 300dpi RGB PhotoShop files (CMYK is acceptable). EPS files are always preferrable. Leave all clipping paths where possible, and where the original photoshop document contains layers, please do not flatten or merge layers.

DO NOT send an EPS file where the raw art file exists. We will not corrupt and manipulate artwork, but in some cases we need to be able to separate layers and text from photos or illustrations which we cannot do with an EPS unless it has the entire document contained within it.

DO NOT convert to paths where Macintosh Postscript or TrueType fonts exist. DO include the fonts with the other art files.

Private Companies and Individuals

All web graphics must be 72dpi RGB images, saved either as GIF, PNG or JPEG (JPG) files. File types have different qualities and image compression. Please check with us first to determine YOUR specifications and the minimum width/height for your website. Usually this is detailed within the CMS of your website.

At no time should photos be provided within an MS Word or MS Publisher document. This filetype is unacceptable for a photo or logo as we cannot remove the image from the document in a suitable format.

DO NOT expect us to be able to improve the quality of the images.

When providing your own photos for database products (website only), PLEASE ensure you have been supplied with the correct pixel size, resolution and file type for your site.

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